New Law School Webprint Menu!

The NU Print printing menu has recently changed to better reflect the locations of our Law School printers. The actual printers remain in the same locations, but the menu options have been renamed and reordered. The new printing options are as follows:

On Webprint, choose “Law School” (not “NUL Libraries”) to print to Law School printers:


  • Library/Student Services B&W sends print jobs to several black and white printers:
    • First floor:
      • Front room of the McCormick Suites (Student Services)*
    • Second floor (Library):
      • Computer lab L203 (both printers)
    • Third Floor (Library):
      • Outside of Government Documents Suite
  • Library L215 Color Copier sends print jobs to the color copier in the Library’s Room L215 copier room (next to the library elevator)
  • Levy Mayer Basement Room 3 sends print jobs to the black and white copier in room LM3*
  • Student Services Color sends print jobs to the color printer in the front room of the McCormick Suites (Student Services)*

From the Library computers, you are able to print to the same printers by selecting File > Print from Word, Adobe, your browser, or any other program. If these options do not appear on a Library computer, please let me know.

  • PRT-PUB-BW sends print jobs to all “Library/Student Services B&W” above
  • COP-PUB-270C sends print jobs to the Room L215 color copier
  • COP-PUB-LMB3 sends print jobs to the LM3 black and white copier*

*The Student Services printers and the Levy Mayer Room 3 copier are available for student printing at all hours, even when the Library is closed.

Please feel free to contact Maribel Nash at if you have any questions. Thanks!

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