Student Library Assistant Positions Available for Spring Semester

The Pritzker Legal Research Center is looking for reliable law students to work at the library circulation desk in the afternoons and on weekends during the spring 2018 semester. Duties include the following:

  • Check out and check in books, journals, reserve books and other library materials
  • Answer basic informational, directional and library policy questions, help patrons locate materials in the stacks, provide basic printer and copy machine assistance
  • Help troubleshoot public computers according to directions
  • Record and tally usage statistics
  • Search the stacks for books reported missing
  • Assist with opening and closing procedures

Interested students should send the completed application form and resume to James Driscoll, Circulation Services Manager.

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Restatements, Principles of Law, and More ALI Treatises @ Your Fingertips

With origins dating back to 1923, The American Law Institute (ALI)’s mission is “to promote the clarification and simplification of the law and its better adaptation to social needs, to secure the better administration of justice, and to encourage and carry on scholarly and scientific legal work.” To fulfill this charge, ALI publishes several renowned treatises to help you quickly understand unknown areas of law and best statutory practices, including Restatements of the Law, Principles of the Law, the Model Penal Code, ALI-ABA Periodicals, and the Uniform Commercial Code.

You have access to ALI titles through HeinOnline, whether you are on or off campus!  To get started, click the “HeinOnline” link from the Law Library’s homepage.


From the HeinOnline homepage, click the “American Law Institute Library” link from the left column of databases to open the expanded menu.  From here you can click into a specific title, or click “American Law Institute Library” again to load all of the ALI titles available to you.

ALI in Hein

Last but not least, the ALI Library now features a locator tool for quick access to specific sections of Restatements!  This handy drop-down menu allows you to select the title, type in a section number, and click “Submit,” directly retrieving the Restatement you need in a matter of seconds.

ALI in Hein

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New Resources in November

Autumn trees

We have added 250 new titles to our collection in November. Check out our latest additions at:

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New Resources in October

We have added 150 new titles to our collection in October. Have a look at the list of latest additions at:


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Resource Spotlight: Westlaw China


Need to do some research involving Chinese law, or wish to keep up with developments in Chinese law?  Please check out Westlaw China!  This resource from Thomson Reuters aims to be a comprehensive database of and about Chinese law, with content in both English and Chinese.

Westlaw China contains a number of discrete types of content, including:

  • Laws and Regulations – including more than 1,000,000 promulgated by Chinese government agencies at central, provisional, municipality, and autonomous region levels since 1949, with over 20,000 of the most important laws, regulations, and international treaties translated into English
  • Legal Topics – interpolate key elements of laws and cases, categorized by attorney editors under the Key Number System to facilitate research; they currently provide 14 legal topics in English, covering more than 7,600 legal issues
  • Case Headnotes – are provided in both Chinese and English; Westlaw China currently provides over 4,600 headnotes in English; full text of case judgments available in Chinese (almost 2,000,000, sourced from Supreme People’s Court and local courts in 31 provinces, municipalities under the Central Government and autonomous regions, as well as special courts such as maritime courts)
  • Articles – over 2,500 articles by lawyers, judges, and other professionals discuss, analyze, and study topics and difficult problems in various practice areas
  • Current Awareness – updated several times per day to provide the latest legal and business information on adopted and proposed legislation, courts and cases, government policies, news, and statistics
  • Legal Glossary – provides over 6,600 bilingual terms and expressions, with precise English translations of Chinese legal terms

To get started from the library’s homepage, simply choose the “Research” menu, then the “Databases” page, as shown below.  Westlaw China will be located on this page (under “W”).

WLChina 2 homepage edited

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New Exhibit Featuring Dean Hansell Collection

Hansell_Dean_PRINTTo celebrate the Honorable Dean Hansell’s 40-year reunion at the Law School, the Pritzker Legal Research Center is pleased to present a new exhibit featuring five historical legal instruments from the collection bearing his name.

Judge Hansell, who received his Juris Doctor from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, has led a distinguished career first as an attorney, and currently as a judge on the California Superior Court in Los Angeles. Prior to his judicial appointment in 2016, he had a diverse practice in both private firms and public agencies. He has also been a consistently active member of the legal community: in 1985, he co-founded the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and from 1997 to 2001 he was a Police Commissioner of Los Angeles.

Hansell1An avid collector of historic legal documents, Judge Hansell has generously donated a number of items from his collection to Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. The collection includes legal instruments and related materials from France, England, Germany and the United States. This particular display features five English documents from the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries. However, in recognition of the significance of the contents as a whole, the Pritzker Legal Research Center is working to digitize the entire collection. A sample of this progress is available at

The Dean Hansell Collection exhibit will be on display of the third floor of the Pritzker Legal Research Center through the rest of the fall semester.

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PLRC Celebrates NU One Book

NU One Book is an annual inter-campus campaign where we all read the same book and then come together to engage more deeply with the themes, importance, and application of its message to our lives and society. This year’s selection is Our Declaration: A Reading of the Declaration of Independence in Defense of Equality by Danielle Allen, who offers a provocative modern analysis of the Declaration of Independence. Read more about Our Declaration and the author.

Events take place on both the Evanston and Chicago campuses, ranging from lectures and art exhibits to an essay contest and group outing to the musical Hamilton.  Here at the Law School, we’re proud to be hosting a keynote address by Danielle Allen on Thursday, October 19, at 12 pm in RB 140. Anyone from the Law School may attend by RSVP’ing here; note there is a limited number of seats available. Juliet Sorensen, Director and Associate Dean of the Bluhm Legal Clinic, and Dr. John Franklin, Professor of Psychiatry, Surgery and Medical Education-Medical Humanities and Bioethics; Associate Dean, Diversity, Inclusion and Student Support at the Feinberg School of Medicine, will lead a moderated conversation with Ms. Allen. Questions for the author may be submitted to by Oct. 11 for consideration by the moderators.

Be sure to visit the PLRC to explore our NU One Book display!  There are complimentary copies of Our Declaration, pocket-sized Declarations of Independence, and One Book event calendars.  Also featured are replicas of the original Declaration of Independence and more information about the author and her insightful work. The display is located beneath the library’s grand staircase; the library is located on the 2nd floor of Rubloff.


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September 2017 New Library Resources

We have added over 200 new titles to our collection in September. Have a look at the list of latest additions at:

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Resource Spotlight: CQ Supreme Court Collection

Do you want to do some empirical research on the U.S. Supreme Court, but don’t know where to start?  Do you want to know the seminal cases is particular fields of Supreme Court jurisprudence?  For these answers and others, try taking a look at the CQ Supreme Court Collection, published by CQ Press (publishers of Congressional Quarterly and a number of other books and databases in the Pritzker Library’s collection).scotus_seal

To find the CQ Supreme Court Collection (and other Pritzker Library databases), simply go to the library’s home page and click on “Find a Database.”  From there, you can scroll through an alphabetical list of our databases (or click on a letter to jump to databases beginning with that letter; hint: here we will click on “C”).

The CQ Supreme Court Collection provides summaries and analyses of more than 4,000 major decisions, including all cases in which a written opinion was issued from the Burger Court (October Term 1969 to the present) and links to the full text of the cases; statistics and other data on essential topics, such as the quantitative analysis of voting records and opinion alignments, political alignments, and institutional data, and more.

Biographical and voting data is provided for every justice who has sat on the Court.  Tools allow users to perform analyses such as showing every time two (or more) justices voted with (or against) another justice (or justices) on a variety of topics.  Searches can be retrieved for later use with a permalink, and many documents can be downloaded in PDF format.  So, if you want to see the role played by Justice Black in 280 due process cases from 1941 to 1971, simply take a look here.

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August 2017 New Library Resources

We have added over 275 new titles in the past month. Have a look at the list of latest additions at:

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