#ColorOurCollections: Day 3

In our final post for #ColorOurCollections, we’re jumping centuries and continents, taking our entry from Matthew Nathan Pinkerton’s Murder in All Ages. This inscribed volume, which was published in Chicago in 1899, examines the crime of homicide by studying a selection of infamous historical murders, including the one featured in this coloring page.


With the recent popularity of the musical Hamilton, which still in performance here in Chicago theatres, this illustration of the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr seemed like the perfect choice to end our week with a bang (pardon the pun).

If you’d like to see the original, or find out more about criminology at Northwestern Law–including Northwestern’s former Scientific Crime Laboratory–please contact the Special Collections, Digitization, and Archival Services Librarian at Brittany.Adams@law.northwestern.edu.


PDF Coloring Page: ColorOurCollections3


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