Resource Spotlight: CQ Supreme Court Collection

Do you want to do some empirical research on the U.S. Supreme Court, but don’t know where to start?  Do you want to know the seminal cases is particular fields of Supreme Court jurisprudence?  For these answers and others, try taking a look at the CQ Supreme Court Collection, published by CQ Press (publishers of Congressional Quarterly and a number of other books and databases in the Pritzker Library’s collection).scotus_seal

To find the CQ Supreme Court Collection (and other Pritzker Library databases), simply go to the library’s home page and click on “Find a Database.”  From there, you can scroll through an alphabetical list of our databases (or click on a letter to jump to databases beginning with that letter; hint: here we will click on “C”).

The CQ Supreme Court Collection provides summaries and analyses of more than 4,000 major decisions, including all cases in which a written opinion was issued from the Burger Court (October Term 1969 to the present) and links to the full text of the cases; statistics and other data on essential topics, such as the quantitative analysis of voting records and opinion alignments, political alignments, and institutional data, and more.

Biographical and voting data is provided for every justice who has sat on the Court.  Tools allow users to perform analyses such as showing every time two (or more) justices voted with (or against) another justice (or justices) on a variety of topics.  Searches can be retrieved for later use with a permalink, and many documents can be downloaded in PDF format.  So, if you want to see the role played by Justice Black in 280 due process cases from 1941 to 1971, simply take a look here.

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