New Exhibit Featuring Dean Hansell Collection

Hansell_Dean_PRINTTo celebrate the Honorable Dean Hansell’s 40-year reunion at the Law School, the Pritzker Legal Research Center is pleased to present a new exhibit featuring five historical legal instruments from the collection bearing his name.

Judge Hansell, who received his Juris Doctor from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, has led a distinguished career first as an attorney, and currently as a judge on the California Superior Court in Los Angeles. Prior to his judicial appointment in 2016, he had a diverse practice in both private firms and public agencies. He has also been a consistently active member of the legal community: in 1985, he co-founded the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), and from 1997 to 2001 he was a Police Commissioner of Los Angeles.

Hansell1An avid collector of historic legal documents, Judge Hansell has generously donated a number of items from his collection to Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. The collection includes legal instruments and related materials from France, England, Germany and the United States. This particular display features five English documents from the seventeenth through nineteenth centuries. However, in recognition of the significance of the contents as a whole, the Pritzker Legal Research Center is working to digitize the entire collection. A sample of this progress is available at

The Dean Hansell Collection exhibit will be on display of the third floor of the Pritzker Legal Research Center through the rest of the fall semester.

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