Resource Spotlight: International Encyclopaedia of Laws

Screenshot of International Encyclopaedia of Laws for Constitutional Law

Are you interested in foreign and international law and searching for an authoritative, peer-reviewed resource?  If so, consider using International Encyclopaedia of Laws, one of the many online resources available through the Pritzker Legal Research Center.

International Encyclopaedia of Laws is actually an umbrella title for several distinct, subject-specific resources, covering disciplines including civil procedure, contracts, constitutional law, criminal law, family law, and intellectual property.  Importantly, the title “Encyclopaedia” is somewhat of a misnomer, as these resources are far from general. Instead, each contains extensive, heavily-footnoted chapters devoted to the laws of specific countries, written by experts in the respective fields.  For a more-detailed description of content, as well as a look the editorship structure and publication guidelines, visit

To access International Encyclopaedia of Laws here at Northwestern, you may visit the Law Library’s listing of databases beginning with “I” or may follow one of these direct links:

IEL: Civil Procedure
IEL: Commercial and Economic Law
IEL: Constitutional Law
IEL: Contracts
IEL: Corporations and Partnerships
IEL: Criminal Law
IEL: Family and Succession Law
IEL: Intellectual Property
IEL: Labour Law and Industrial Relations
IEL: Private International Law

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