Resource Spotlight: Author Profiles in HeinOnline

HeinOnline has recently enhanced the Author Profiles available in their Law Journal Library (LJL). When Author Profiles first debuted, they allowed viewers to see all articles authored by the subject of the profile and included or indexed within the LJL. Viewers could also quickly see the number of citations (in both articles and cases), the number of times articles had been accessed in the past year, plus other metrics. While initial profiles were created by algorithm, authors (or their institutions) could “claim” their profiles and enhance them (with, perhaps, profile photos, social media links, etc.).

HeinOnline has recently added an “Explore This Author” link, currently in beta release. Explore This Author allows viewers to drill down into an author’s corpus to see, among other things, other authors frequently cited to, authors who frequently cite the subject’s works, topics frequently the subjects of the author’s works, and more.

To learn more about Author Profiles, see the HeinOnline blog post, “Everything You Need to Know About Author Profile Pages.” To read more about “Explore This Author” and other recent enhancements, see the post, “New Feature Alert! Improved Author Profiles in HeinOnline.” All HeinOnline blog posts tagged with “Author Profile Pages” are available here.

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