Resource Spotlight: Oxford Bibliographies

If you need to conduct a literature review or would like to identify reputable secondary and primary sources on a topic or concept, you may be able to save a ton of time by consulting Oxford Bibliographies.

Oxford Bibliographies provides access to annotated bibliographies that are written and reviewed by academic experts. Each bibliography includes a brief overview of the topic or concept along with citations to relevant primary and secondary sources. The sources included on the bibliographies are selective to ensure that they contain the best available scholarship.

You can access Oxford Bibliographies: International Law via our law library’s A-Z database list. Additionally, you also have access to Oxford Bibliographies for numerous additional subject areas ranging from criminology to public health to African studies through Northwestern University’s A-Z database list.

Let’s take a look at Oxford Bibliographies: International Law. You can browse entries alphabetically or conduct keyword searches in the upper right corner of the screen. If you conduct a keyword search, you can restrict that search to a particular subject area (using the advanced search feature), or you can search across all subject areas included within Oxford Bibliographies.

For example, if you are researching cyber warfare, this bibliography on cyber warfare can be a useful starting point for your research.

The bibliography identifies literature providing a general overview about cyber warfare as well as literature discussing the development of the law of cyber warfare and state responsibility in cyberspace. Each source listed in the bibliography contains a citation and brief summary. You can retrieve the books and materials in NUsearch or by using the “Find this resource” feature accompanying each citation.

Consider checking for an annotated bibliography on Oxford Bibliographies whenever you need to identify relevant secondary and primary sources on a topic or concept!

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