Resource Spotlight: CountryWatch

The law library recently subscribed to CountryWatch, which provides up-to-date political, economic, and business information and news on countries around the world.

The key features highlighted below are located under the “Intelligence Zone” tab on the website.

Screenshot of homepage

Country Reviews provides detailed reports for each of the 192 countries covered in this database. These reports, which are generally updated and published once a year, provide political, economic, and social overviews for each country, as well as information about investments and the environment. The reports are quite extensive (as an example, France’s Country Review report spans 580 pages) and can be downloaded in PDF.

Screenshot of Country Review section

Country Wire collects news coverage from ten international news organizations. News content can be filtered by country and date.

Screenshot of Country Wire webpage

The website also has an Elections Central section, containing election information from around the world.

Screenshot of Elections Central webpage

Check out this database next time you are working on a project that involves in-depth country research!  

Note: If you encounter a login prompt or experience problems accessing content at any time while using this database, select the link located below the login form that says, “Log in via my IP Address.” Access is available both on-campus and off-campus.

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