Resource Spotlight: Westlaw UK

Students and faculty now have access to Westlaw UK, which is a full-text searchable database for UK case law and legislation. To log on to this database, use your regular Westlaw username and password on

Westlaw UK homepage

You can easily retrieve cases by typing in the citation (if known) or by conducting a full-text search. Additionally, you can also search for cases using various fields, including subject, parties, or judge.

When you retrieve a case, the default view will be a case digest that provides a summary of the case, basic information about the case, and its appellate history, though you can easily toggle to the full-text judgment.

Case Digest

Note: If you are looking at an older case that does not contain an option to access the judgment because it is only available in a law report (which is outside the scope of this subscription), you can use another database called ICLR.3 to retrieve judgments published in law reports.

Using Case Analytics, you can view a precedent map to see cited cases and citing cases as well as treatment information to see how other cases have treated this case.

Precedent Map

Similar to KeyCite, status icons are assigned to cases and legislation to help you quickly determine whether they are still good law or in force.

For legislation, Primary References will identify cases that cite to a provision (i.e., section of an act), while Commentary References will contain links to books and secondary materials that discuss the provision.

Legislation - Primary References and Commentary References

The Statutory Annotations feature allows you to obtain additional context about the legislation, such as relevant excerpts from Explanatory Notes and notes on its passage through Parliament.

Statutory Annotations

In addition to cases and legislation, you can also access EU legal materials and journals or can set current awareness alerts on Westlaw UK. If you are unsure about how a term is defined, use the Index of Legal Terms to search for the term across three legal dictionaries (Jowitt’s Dictionary of English Law, Stroud’s Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases, and Osborn’s Concise Law Dictionary).

Many of the features, functions, and search options available on Westlaw UK are similar to what you may already be accustomed to using on Westlaw (U.S.), but you will also encounter new features that we can hope will become available in our U.S. version of Westlaw in the near future!

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